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Learn everyday English by having fun
and interacting with qualified native speakers.

Looking for immersive English lessons for children under 12 years old?

Online videos: Little English Practice


Learn everyday English by having fun
and interacting with qualified native speakers.

Looking for fun English lessons for kids under 12 years old?

Online videos: Little English Practice

Message from the Owner

The idea for Spring International started forming in my mind a few years ago, while I was teaching English to a high school student.

He was so tired that he couldn’t effectively focus on his lessons, and ended up falling asleep at a big test I was helping him prepare for.

I’ve always wondered if I could have done something to help students like this.

This is the inspiration for the Spring International program.

We strive to offer junior and senior high schoolers a nurturing and exciting environment that allows them to enjoy learning English among friends, both foreign and Japanese.

Dan Pape



Spring International 綱島

Why Spring?

A unique English education you just can’t get at school

Preparations for study-abroad programmes

Make international friends with similar goals

Why Spring International?

Online lessons available

EIKEN prep course available

A world-class curriculum

Complete with materials and textbooks tailored for your child

Meet your instructor

Q. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

A. My name’s Martin McCubbin, and I’m from a small town on the west coast of Scotland, close to Glasgow.

Q. What is the most important component of an excellent education?

A. I think clarity in what you are learning is of the utmost importance. Lessons should be clear, informative and exciting. Finally, you must apply your lessons throughout your daily life.

Q. What qualifications do you have?

A. I have a general degree in Applied Linguistics, along with the TESOL, CELTA and CELTA YL teaching qualifications.

Q. Please tell us a little bit about your career as a teacher.

A. I’ve spent the last 14 years teaching people of all ages, in a wide variety of educational institutions and workplaces (including elementary schools, English conversation classes and businesses). In addition to Japan, I’ve also taught in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Thailand.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share with your students?

A. We look forward to welcoming you all!


- head Teacher

Nice to meet you! My name is Adam Anderson. I am a 44-year-old TOEFL certified teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have lived in Japan since 2004. Perhaps before most of the students were born? I can speak French, Spanish and Japanese. Consequently, I understand how much effort you have to put in to be able to speak a second foreign language. I live in Kawasaki with two children and my wife (near the Tama River). My hobbies are playing soccer and Latin percussion. I look forward to supporting you toward your goal of learning to speak English and I am very much looking forward to meeting you.



Learning Materials

New Headway

Oxford University Press

student book 


            入門                            初級                        中初級

            中級                         中上級                        上級













Why use New Headway?

A step-by-step program designed for success

A balanced coverage of the 4 core competencies

Visible results throughout the course

A keen and practical focus on proper grammar

Course Information

Each level has 4 courses

Each course has 12 lessons

Complete an entire level in one year


New courses start every 3 months

Complete all 4 courses to advance to the next level


weekly schedule


Regular level-checks

Each course has a test to track your progress and mastery of all core competencies

Well-defined goals

Each course has 3 clear goals

A signed course completion certificate

Students who complete a comprehensive level check get a signed certificate for each level